WE BELIEVE people matter most

At Oregon Finish Carpentry, our approach is personal. We’re a family owned and operated business and it’s our preference to engage in one project at a time. You’ll work directly with Jon and me in relaxed, easy-going environment, where attentive communication leads to great results.

We know you’ll have many questions about your project, so addressing those questions and building a comprehensive game plan is our first priority.

Using our experience and building wisdom, we thoroughly review your project goal to anticipate the best plan and what will be involved. And then we provide you reliable answers to questions about total cost, possible challenges and all the construction details that your project will entail.

What You Can Expect When You Work with Us

We Start with a Great Proposal

After you contact us with details about your project goals, we’ll put together an in depth proposal. The proposal reflects our interpretation of your priorities and goals. It can be delivered electronically and will be stored for repeat viewing through our website. The proposal will include:

· A Selection sheet with recommendations and options
· Budget projection
· Preliminary timeline
· Sample contract

We’ll meet to Review the Proposal

We’ll meet to discuss the proposal and determine next steps that feel right. This meeting is the beginning of many conversations we’ll have going forward and it’s important you feel good about how we started these conversations.  In the words of Louis L’Amour, “A good beginning makes a good end.”

Web Based Project Management

We believe in taking full advantage of technology to facilitate this process. We utilize a web-based tool that will enable you to participate in the construction of your project and watch the progress of your project on-line. You’ll get a personal log-in. Your project will be at your fingertips 24/7. You won’t need to accumulate piles of paperwork. You won’t be in the dark, ever.

Weekly Updates

When construction starts, Jon will be on-site working and overseeing the work performed by other trades. We’ll meet with you weekly to provide updates and to keep the project moving along. You’ll receive invoices on a schedule, you’ll know exactly how decisions are effecting the actual budget and you’ll always have access to an updated and accurate projected cost of completion.

Preview Our Project Management Software in Action

HOUZZ | Image resource to communicate your vision

A picture goes a long way to communicate vision so finding images that represent your ideas really helps us to understand how we can help you.  Houzz is a social sharing website that allows people to share design build images. It’s a fantastic resource with thousands of ideas. We strongly encourage you to check it out.

Partners Say

Jon integrates himself into any working environment. Recently I had the pleasure of working side by side with Jon on a large project and found myself shaking my head in awe at his skills. Woodwork has become a means of expression for Jon. Hire him … and live in his art.

Geoff Wyatt, Owner, Geoff Wyatt Construction

It has been my pleasure to work with Jon for nearly eight years. For the last six months, we have worked on an intense finish carpentry job together and his workmanship has been superb…I would highly recommend Jon as a contractor. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

Paul Jordan, Owner, Jordan Custom Carpentry

Clients Say

I’ve heard from Board Members, Family Members, and our own employees, “This house is beautiful.” We have made something very special here, taking all our efforts guided by you. We’ve taken something quite ugly, average and overall completely inadequate and made it quite beautiful, functional and far more than anticipated! Its been wonderful working with you two. You are both a rare commodity and quite the team. You use your experience, your high standards, your intelligence and your most wonderful hearts together with outstanding results. The words “personable”, “attentive”, “masterful” cannot fully describe the way you work and the relationships you’ve built during our project.

Brian S. Varley, Director, Sunny Oaks, Inc.