Court Street Renovation

A Residential Care Home

From the curb this home blends into the community, but this is where the similarities stop.  The family of residents living here each face physical or cognitive challenges.  Their newly renovated home empowers independence.

Our client, Sunny Oaks, Inc., is a non-profit organization that provides residential care.  One of their homes could not be adapted to meet the changing needs of the customers.  These customers had lived together for most of their adult lives and feared being separated.  Sunny Oaks engaged in an extraordinary mission of purchasing and renovating an older home – which is now fully customized to meet current and future needs of these customers.

We helped Sunny Oaks select an ordinary ranch style home that could withstand extensive renovation.  We removed most of the interior walls and completely redesigned the space.    The house is packed with features including:

  • An open concept floor plan
  • Unique framing designed for easy mobility with walkers and wheelchairs
  • Zero threshold showers
  • Kitchen and bath sinks with ADA approved faucets for easy use with and without help
  • Remote controlled, ductless mini-splits in each bedroom for independent control of room temperature
  • Additional insulation between rooms for heating/cooling efficiency and sound dampening
  • Lifebreath HRV providing fresh air circulation and heat transfer for heating/cooling efficiency
  • An extra wide hallway for quick egress of hospital beds, with
  • A beautiful custom barn door using Krownlab ADA approved hardware (a functional and aesthetic feature)
  • Vinyl floor with sealed seams throughout for easy mobility for wheel chairs and walkers and durability
  • Furnished with soft, durable, stain resistant, easy to clean, waterproof furniture
  • A sturdy pedestal table for barrier free dining in wheelchairs (no table legs to maneuver, safe to lean on)
  • An automatic door for independent access to a large mahogany deck and safe exterior pathways
  • Easy to use back-up generator system wired to the entire home to provides power in an emergency

This renovation project was a team effort.  We worked directly with Sunny Oaks’s leadership, staff and customers to fine tune the design throughout the build process.  Subcontractors and vendors donated materials and time in support of this not-for-profit initiative.  We’re proud of the collaborative effort and of the result.  Together we created a beautiful home designed to make life a little better for four very special people!