The BIG move to Hood River, OR

From Salem, OR to the Columbia River Gorge

Winter of 2016 marked the beginning of our second year as an incorporated business.  Emboldened by the enthusiasm we gained from the experience of not failing, we ventured to ask, “is Salem, OR where we want our business to grow, ideally?”

This was a scary question to ask!  All of Jon’s industry connections are in the Willamette Valley.   His mentors, trusted subcontractors, and vendor relationships are established within a 30 mile radius of Salem, OR.  These relationships are invaluable, as construction is really a team effort.  However, in pursuit of a healthy work-life balance, we faced the fact that each weekend our recreational activities took us out of the Willamette Valley.

An opportunity arose to move, temporarily, to the Hood River area in the Columbia River Gorge.  We jumped at the opportunity and experienced a sense of having arrived home.  We started our research immediately.  What would it take to make this move permanent?

We’re happy to announce, We’ve moved!

As we close out the first quarter of 2016, we are happy to announce that Oregon Finish Carpentry, Inc. has officially moved!  Our new offices are in Hood River, OR, and we’ve expanded our business across the river to Washington state.

We have friends, family, colleagues and customers to thank for their support during this transition.  We’re equally thankful for the warm welcome we’ve received from the Hood River and White Salmon communities.  We love our new home and are eager to grow our business here.

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